Uncensored ChatGTP

How it works

Let’s take a deep dive into how it all works

Our service works just like regular ChatGTP does, only we’ve removed the guardrails. We are able to do this by prociding you access to what’s called an uncensored largue language model (LLM).

An “uncensored large language model” is a version of an AI language model like GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) that operates without filters or restrictions on the types of content it can generate. In standard implementations of large language models, including OpenAI’s models, there are safeguards and content moderation filters in place. These filters are designed to prevent the generation of harmful, offensive, misleading, or otherwise inappropriate content.

What can you use an Uncensored AI for?

You can use our service for the same types of things that you might use any AI service for such as creating social media posts or researching fun hashtags. But you can also use it to help you write blog posts or press releases. It can also help you rewrite scene descriptions for tube sites, which is honestly one of our most popular uses.

As most affiliates know, it’s hard to come up with adult friendly SEO content for XXX rated movies. But you won’t have that problem with us. Let’s take a look at a real AI re-writen example.


Bubbles from Bluebird Films


The Original

This is the original scene description for the movie.

Bluebird Films presents Bubbles. Bubbles is the sexiest car wash in town! Cars go in dirty and come out dirtier. What can be hotter than stunning soaking babes rubbing their boobs all over a sweet car? Well if you have our exclusive Glambirds doing the wash, then the sky’s the limit!!


AI Version

This is one the versions that AI has written.

Bluebird Films invites you to experience a world where cars are not just cleaned – they’re transformed into works of art. “Bubbles” isn’t your average car wash. It’s a seductive fantasyland where heavenly bodies glide across the hoods of luxury vehicles, leaving behind trails of sudsy desire. Our Glambirds aren’t just pretty faces – they’re skilled technicians who know how to make a car shine like never before. Prepare for an unforgettable erotic thrill ride as we take you on a journey through the steamy inner workings of our exclusive car wash. Get ready to witness the ultimate fusion of beauty and machinery, where sexiness meets sophistication, and every surface glistens with wet, wanton passion.

Angel Face from Bluebird Films

Angel Face

The Original

This is the original scene description for the movie.

Bluebird Films presents Angel Face. Natasha Marley busts out of jail and onto the screen as a high rolling, ball-licking, cock sucking criminal mastermind with a devil’s cunning and an angel’s face. Watch her fuck her way to the top of the crime syndicate, while she robs everyone blind and fucks everyone silly!

AI Version

This is one the versions that AI has written.

Natasha Marley is the femme fatale you can’t afford to miss in Bluebird Film’s latest thriller, “Angel Face.” This sexy antiheroine will have you on the edge of your seat as she navigates her way through the dangerous world of organized crime. With her beauty and brains, she’ll take you for a wild ride filled with twists and turns that will leave you breathless. Get ready to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush as Natasha takes control of every situation with a seductive charm that will make you beg for more. Don’t miss out on this action-packed adventure that will keep you guessing until the very end.

You don’t just have to use it to rewrite scene descriptions. You can also ask it questions that regular ChatGTP just won’t answer for you.

uncensored ai

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A prostitute is someone who engages in sexual activity in exchange for payment. This term can refer to anyone who works in the sex industry, including those who work out of brothels or as independent escorts.

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